Tri-Clover® LKB Butterfly Valve

Central States Industrial (CSI) offers the Tri-Clover® LKB butterfly valve from Alfa Laval. Either remotely controlled by an actuator or manually operated with a handle, the Tri-Clover LKB butterfly valve is designed to provide years of dependable service in sanitary stainless steel fluid handling systems.

The LKB valves are built for use in a wide range of applications and working pressures. LKB is FDA compliant and available with a variety of handle options.


  • LKB51 Manual Valve
  • LKB53 Actuated Valve

LKB is available in the following sizes: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, and 6 inch.


Alfa Laval's Tri-Clover LKB butterfly valve is designed for use in a broad spectrum of applications and working pressures. These FDA-compliant valves provide reliable performance and smooth operation. The stem diameter provides particularly low flow resistance, ensuring gentle product treatment for low and medium-viscosity products.


The LKB is either remotely controlled by means of an actuator or manually operated by means of a handle. The actuator is made in three standard versions, normally-closed (NC), normally-open (NO), and air/air-activated (A/A). The actuator is designed so that an axial movement of a piston is transformed into a 90° rotation of a shaft. The torque of the actuator is increased when the valve disc contacts the seal ring of the butterfly valve. A variety of handle options for manual operation mechanically secures the valve in its open, closed, or intermediate positions.


The valve consists of two valve body halves, a valve disc, bushings for the disc stem, and a seal ring. The valve is assembled by means of screws and nuts. Two actuator sizes, ø 85 mm (3.35 inch) and ø 133 mm (5.24 inch), cover all valve sizes. The actuator is fitted onto the valve by means of a bracket and screws. The handle for manual operation is fitted onto the valve by means of a cap/block system and a screw. The LKB is available with either welded ends or Tri-Clamp® sanitary connections.


Control and indication can be configured with a pneumatically actuated valve. Options include Tri-Clover Green Top, Alfa Laval ThinkTop®, and laterally mounted indication units.

Product Wetted Steel Parts304, 316L
Valve Disc316L
Other Steel Parts304
Rubber GradesEPDM (standard)
Fluorinated rubber (FPM)
PFa (bonded over EPDM)
Bushings for Valve DiscPVDF
Finish≤ 32 microinches RA ID
Machined OD
Actuator Body304
Actuator PistonLight alloy (bronze for ø 85 mm and A/A)
Actuator SealsNitrile (NBR)
Max Product Pressure145 psi
Min Product PressureFull vacuum
Valve Temperature Range15 – 200°F
Actuator Max Air Pressure100 psi
Actuator Min Air Pressure, NC or NO60 psi
Actuator Temperature Range15 – 195°F
Actuator Air consumption (FT free air)ø 85 mm = 0.0006 psi
ø 133 mm = 0.0024 psi

The LKB butterfly valve is also available in the UltraPure execution, which is designed and documented to meet high purity demands in industries like biopharmaceutical and personal care. The LKB UltraPure is available with specifications that are preferred by high purity in dusty. The UltraPure version offers an additional set of options for material, end connection, surface finish, and more. UltraPure equipment is available with Alfa Laval's Q-Doc documentation package.

Legacy Valves

Prior to the introduction of the LKB series, Tri-Clover (now Alfa Laval) produced the A51, B51, and B53 models of butterfly valves. The LKB series has replaced these legacy models for all butterfly valve applications. While these valve models are no longer manufactured, many OEM spare parts are still available. See Parts Lists below for details.

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