TrueClean® ToteTilter™

Reduce product loss with a TrueClean® ToteTilter™. The platform automatically raises at an angle as your intermediate bulk container (IBC) empties, allowing the product to collect on one side of the container for more thorough evacuation. You can also use the optional foot pedal or included hand valve to tip the container as needed.

A ToteTilter™ also provides a safer environment for your workers. It allows the operator to load their IBC or drum onto a level surface. The system is designed to be mobile and requires only a small compressed air supply. If you want your ToteTilter to stay in one place, we provide bolt holes to allow the system to attach to the floor.


  • 5º Tilt
  • 10º Tilt

The TrueClean® ToteTilter™ provides a safe, easy, and cost-effective way to thoroughly evacuate product from totes with less waste. The hand valve (or optional foot valve) enables the operator to safely begin the automatic process of the ToteTilter™ which uses pressurized air to gradually raise the tote as its weight decreases.

  • Reduces lost product
  • Increases worker safety
  • Incline increases automatically as container empties
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 2" square frame with fully welded ends
  • Designed for easy forklift loading and unloading
  • Available in 5º or 10º angles for better drainability
  • Processed Food and Beverage industries — fats, oils, pre-mix sweeteners, colorants, flavorings, and other additives or minor ingredients
  • Chemical industries — resins, paints, and coatings
  • High-Acid Food, Dairy, Brewery, Home & Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Agrochemical Industries
  • IBCs and drums
TrueClean® ToteTilter™ 10-Degree Version
10º Model
Technical Data
Tilt Options5º, 10º
ControlsFoot pedal (optional), hand valve
Max Load5000 lbs
Max Lift1600 lbs
Max Inlet Pressure150 psig
Max Set Pressure30 psig (5º model)
15 psig (10º model)

*DIN, ISO, and BS available upon request

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