Valve Manifolds

Whatever the shape or size, CSI has the experience to build a valve manifold to fit your needs.

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HP Valve Cluster

About Valve Manifolds

As experienced fabricators of valve manifolds, we identify and understand the critical issues that go into the mechanical execution process. Our thorough planning stage helps alleviate the potential for problems.

CSI recognizes the need for precision during all phases of mechanical execution. As we build your valve manifolds, we provide the following:

  • Drawings & 3-D CAD design
  • Valve body preparation
  • Accurate heat expansion/contraction estimates
  • Properly specified header components
  • Welding with precise heat control
  • Planning for compounded tolerances


  • Valve types
  • Drip pans
  • Walkways
  • Connection types
  • Maintenance access
  • Control communication types


  • Tank farm/silo bays
  • Filling lines
  • CIP distribution & return
  • Bulk ingredient distribution


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