Process Skids

Central States Industrial (CSI) develops ergonomic, efficient, and easily maintainable process skids.

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About Process Skids

Central State Industrial's (CSI's) team of experienced process engineers, project managers, and designers collaborate with the customer throughout the entire process to ensure every system is properly designed, on-budget, pre-tested, inspected, and documented.

Properly Designed

CSI's 3-D design capability gives a visual replication of how a process skid system will look when it is fabricated. CSI experts use web-based drawing review for all projects. This reduces the drawing approval time by allowing the customer to simultaneously include local, national, and global parties in the review process.


From the time a request for bid is issued, CSI experts begin looking at the process system. At this time, experts make recommendations and point out potential problem areas to help avoid later hang-ups that could result in costly change orders. CSI takes a proactive approach to solutions to optimize customer return on investment.


Once the system is fabricated, it is moved to CSI's state-of-the-art factory acceptance test (FAT) area for testing. The FAT testing allows CSI experts and customers to observe the system, check out overall construction, and ensure everything meets specifications before it is ever sent to the site.

Inspected and Documented

In high purity applications, inspection and documentation are a critical portion of a system. Without them, nothing can move forward. CSI's documentation package not only covers industry standard documentation, but also the documentation that is specific to each facility based on the customer requirements.


  • WFI/DI distribution
  • CIP
  • SIP
  • Buffer prep
  • Filtration
  • Separation
  • Biowaste inactivation
  • HTST and UHT
  • Mixing and blending
  • Heating
  • Dosing

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