CSI Pipe and Bar for Installation

When installing a hygienic process system, schedule pipe, round bar, and all-thread rod are essentials for fabricating structures, racks, and hangers. Whether stock is kept on-the-job or if there's a need for components to be immediately shipped, Central States Industrial (CSI) is the source for installation supplies.


Schedule 10 pipe, round bar, and all-thread (commonly known as fully threaded rod, continuously threaded rod, or ATR), can be used a multitude of ways to construct bases, supports, hanger racks, and other structures needed for installing a hygienic piping system.

Schedule pipe is available with or without a polished outer diameter, depending on aesthetic preferences for the job.

Technical Data
Material304 stainless steel
FinishMill finish unless otherwise noted
AvailabilityAll items are in stock unless otherwise noted
Custom ItemsCustom items ship 3 - 4 days after order

Custom parts are also available.

304 SS Schedule 10 Pipe (structural)
Fig. 61 1/2 inchUnpolishedP10-1.5-304
Fig. 62 inchUnpolishedP10-2.0-304
Fig. 61 1/2 inchPolished ODPP10-1.5-304
Fig. 62 inchPolished ODPP10-2.0-304

Sizes shown are nominal pipe sizes.

304 SS All Thread
Fig. 71/2 inch - 13 boltH0006
304 SS Round Bar
Fig. 81/2 inchH0007
Fig. 85/8 inchH0046
Fig. 83/4 inchH0035

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