Transfer Panels

At CSI, we are passionate about transfer panels and have been for forty years.

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About Transfer Panels

With our patented spool design and distinctive manufacturing method, CSI is the leading supplier of transfer panels for virtually any application.

Transfer panels—also called flow diversion panels, flowverters, or swing panels—have been used for decades to provide a secure, clean, and effective method for directing fluid flow during production or cleaning. By providing a clean break to the atmosphere, you can't unintentionally mix or send products and cleaning solution down the wrong line. Still widely used today, transfer panels provide an effective alternative to more costly or less efficient flow diversion methods.


  • Finished products
  • Bulk pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical processes
  • Liquid source gases
  • CIP/SIP routing
  • Buffer solutions


  • Proximity Switches
  • Electropolished ports and jumpers
  • Lectroetch and phenolic labeling
  • Sample valves in jumpers
  • Headers and pre-piping
  • Connection as specified


  • Pipe Legs
  • Flush wall mounts
  • Recessed wall mounts
  • Pre-piped enclosure

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