Butterfly Valves

Designed for use in a broad spectrum of applications and working pressures.

Either remotely controlled by an actuator or manually operated with a handle, the Tri-Clover LKB butterfly valve is designed to provide years of dependable service in sanitary stainless steel fluid handling systems. Manufactured for uses in the food, beverage, brewery, home & personal care, and chemical industries.

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About Industrial Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves, commonly referred to as quarter-turn valves, open and block off liquid passageways in equipment systems. Your facility will get several years of dependable service out of this butterfly valve in sanitary stainless steel fluid handling systems.

How Butterfly Valves Operate

Each time you turn the valve, it moves in 90-degree increments, which prevents the liquids from flowing out too quickly and damaging machinery. Your machine operators can control the Tri-Clover LKB butterfly valve two different ways–remotely by using an actuator or manually using the built-in handle.

Each time you turn on one of our butterfly valves, you shouldn't need to think twice about whether it is releasing the right liquid flow. This high-quality piece of equipment works consistently, opening up to the same, precise 90-degree angle with each turn.

Quarter-Turn Valves Designed With Smooth Operation in Mind

This FDA-compliant valve provides smooth operation and works well for many different applications and under a wide range of working pressures. When your operator turns the quarter valve once, the stem diameter provides particularly low flow resistance. This ensures gentle product treatment for low and medium-viscosity products. Not only will these butterfly valves treat your product with care, but they will also treat your other system components with care and prevent downtime due to harsh liquid flow.

Butterfly Valve Features and Benefits

Alfa Laval uses high-quality stainless steel to construct these butterfly valves. The primary component, which is the valve disc, is 316L stainless steel, a highly corrosion-resistant material. All other secondary components are 304 stainless steel or light alloy.

Of course, no two processing facilities are the same. For this reason, we aim to make our products as customizable as possible. You can customize your valve with a handle that best fits your facility's workflow. No matter which handle you choose, you can proceed with confidence knowing that it meets all FDA standards.

Best Suited Industries

Our manufacturer designed this butterfly valve with the food, beverage, brewery, home and personal care, and chemical industries in mind. Most product temperatures pose no threat to these valves, as they can handle temperatures ranging from 15–200°F.

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