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Since today is like a Friday for most of us, happy #FittingsFriday! This week Ryan showcases a dip tube designed to increase the tank-cleaning efficiency for one pharmaceutical customer.

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Looking for a way to reduce your tank, vessel, or tote cleaning times significantly? Give the Gamajet 9 from Alfa Laval a spin!

This Rotary Jet Cleaner will save one California winery thousands each year and reduce their cleaning time by 87%!

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, what is one product where production has increased dramatically? Hand Sanitizer!

To help processors reclaim the hand sanitizer that might go to waste, Ryan from our fast fittings team designed a custom assembly line drain catcher.

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Did you know the amount of pressure drop in your fluid-handling system can affect:

👉 Pump motor size requirements
👉 Valve requirements
👉 System pressure head requirements
👉 Energy consumed to maintain the desired process flow
👉 Pump seal life cycle
👉 System safety

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Introducing the New Sanitary Pump Cart

Expand your capabilities, not your budget.

Designed for Process Flexibility

Introducing Alfa Laval's new Twin Screw Pump

Reaching You On Demand

We carry a large inventory of fittings, pumps, valves, tubing, and instrumentation in-stock to meet your needs.

Solve Corrosion Problems

We carry an extensive stock of corrosion resistant super alloys, allowing for a quick turnaround.


Automated and Designed for Repeatable Cleaning

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