Tri-Clover® Green Top Control and Indication Unit

Central States Industrial (CSI) provides the Tri-Clover® Green Top control and indication housing unit from Alfa Laval for use with LKB butterfly valves or Tri-Clover 700 series valves. This robust module utilizes a combination of switches and/or solenoids to provide the valve control and position indication suited to your application.

The control module is designed for quick assembly and disassembly, and its durable construction means it can stand up to even the most punishing environments. The Green Top can accommodate normally open or normally closed valves, and it is compatible with either long-stroke or short-stroke actuators. It also meets the NEMA 4 rating against leakage.


The top is fitted on the valve actuator in place of the visual position indicator. An extension attached to the actuator piston moves up and down with the valve movement. This movement is then detected by the position sensors, and a digital signal is sent back to the PLC control system. When used, a pneumatic solenoid allows for valve control via an electronic signal.


It can be mounted at either end of the actuator to accommodate normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) valves, with no internal modifications to the actuator assembly needed. It is also compatible with either long-stroke or short-stroke actuators.

Constructed from durable, glass-reinforced Nylon 12, the control housing is manufactured to stand up to the most punishing environments. It meets the NEMA 4 rating against leakage. Specially molded gaskets guard against leakage and breakdown, so the housing can be installed in any position.

Additional application versatility can be achieved by specifying a solenoid in the control housing. This transforms the valve into a solenoid-operated air valve with integral flow control. The module will then provide valve position feedback through your choice of mechanical switches or proximity switches.


NEMA Type 4 enclosures are intended for indoor or outdoor use to protect the enclosed equipment against splashing water, water seepage, falling or hose-directed water, and severe external condensation.

Mechanical SwitchProximity Sensor*
3 amps/125 or 250VAC**
½ amp, 125VDC
¼ amp, 250VDC
2 wire, normally open
20-140VAC, 50-60 Hz
10-140VDC 200mA (max load current)
.8mA (leakage current)
Pressure Range0 – 120 psig***0 – 120 psig***
FluidsAir or inert gasAir or inert gas
LubricationNot requiredNot required
AC 110/605.4 watts5.4 watts
AC 24/607.4 watts7.4 watts
DC 244.2 watts4.2 watts
CoilGeneral purpose class A, continuous dutyGeneral purpose class A, continuous duty

*Other sensor types available, contact CSI for details.
** 3 amps/125Vac max due to 20 gauge wiring.
*** Supply pressure to any valve/actuator should not exceed 80 psig.

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