This product is no longer offered by this manufacturer.

However, spare parts and service materials may still be available. Contact CSI for help with repairs, maintenance, or replacement.

Alfa Laval GHP/GHPD/GHC Series Pumps

Alfa Laval's GH range of pumps includes four primary pump series, all formerly part of the G&H product line. While many parts are still available for the GH range, these pumps are no longer manufactured by Alfa Laval.

The GHP series was a rotary lobe pump manufactured for G&H Products, who later merged with Alfa Laval. CSI offers parts for the GHP series, including seal kits, elastomers, and a limited range of rotors from Alfa Laval. The GHPD series rotary lobe pump featured a Hyclean Seal and has been replaced by Alfa Laval's SRU pump. The SRU series can easily replace a GHPD pump, and spare parts are readily available.

The GHC was a line of centrifugal pumps used primarily in the wine industry. Some OEM parts, including seals and impellers, are available on a limited basis. The GHC-00, also known as the GM-00, came standard with a two-blade fiberglass reinforced plastic impeller. The GHC-0, also called the FM-0 was larger and came standard with a stainless impeller. The larger GHC-1, -2, and -3 pumps were also called the ALC series. The GHH series was a centrifugal pump, which evolved into Alfa Laval's highly efficient LKH series. The LKH is a drop-in replacement for GHH models.

Also included in the GH pump range is the MOG range, which is the European version of the GHP range.


  • GHP
  • GHPD
  • GHC
  • GHH
  • MOG
  • SR-3A/NMOG
  • GM
While these complete pumps are no longer manufactured, parts lists and other documentation appear below.

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