Adam Bruhn, Business Development Leader

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ARLINGTON, TX—Adam Bruhn is a Texas man through and through. He grew up in Little Elm and then went on to attend university and work in-state. In his effort to support himself and pay for his education, he worked full-time in the audio/visual live event business where he ran audio, video, and lighting for occasions like weddings and concerts. He stayed in the business for nine years before spending a year in the conveyor business. In 2015, he applied for a Business Development Leader position at Central States Industrial (CSI).

Before beginning work at CSI, the company flew both Adam and his wife in to meet the team he would be would be working with.

Adam said, “As a remote employee, it’s pretty important to have an understanding of who you’re talking to on the other end of the phone and develop trust with them.” The face-to-face interview helped establish a feeling of security for Adam and his wife, Laura.

Adam said, “I just got the sense that the people I met were genuine people and that when they said something, they meant it and it was going to happen. My first visit to the facility blew me away, and I decided that it was the right place for me.”

In his position as a Business Development Leader, he is responsible for all food, dairy, beverage, and high purity accounts in the state of Texas. He provides support for all customers who work in that market, including end users, engineering firms, mechanical contractors, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Adam said he was also driven by the challenge of learning a new industry. His ambition and thirst for knowledge demonstrates itself in his daily actions. The results show. After only two years at CSI, Adam is already setting a new benchmark for success. He has equipped more facilities with ROLEC DH units than anybody else in the nation.

“There’s a vision, from the very top of the company all the way through every employee, that there are opportunities for growth,” he said. His goal for the coming years is to establish CSI as the resource for sanitary process equipment and fabrication in the state of Texas. Although Adam relentlessly pursues growth, he values excellence first and foremost.

“The quality of the work that we do in the shop was the first thing that struck me,” he said. He then went on to describe how unique it is for a building in this industry to have the work environment, technology, and resources it does. CSI does a lot, including installing state-of-the art conferencing systems and utilizing a private plane to transport employees, to ensure contingency and unity for CSI locations across the nation.

Although Adam has accomplished a lot in his time at CSI, he says his greatest achievement in life is his marriage to his wife, Laura. They have a son, Patton, who just turned one year old. For Patton’s birthday, Laura made a whole-grain muffin with homemade whipped cream. Adam said he is most passionate about being a good role model for his son and a source of security for his wife.


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