TrueClean® Air Eliminator

The air eliminator is a reliable, automatic air-relief valve which is installed before the inlet for a pump, where the removal of air is required. This prevents liquid from leaving the pipeline while removing entrained air and preventing that air from being drawn back into the pipeline from the atmosphere.

Applications for the TrueClean Air Eliminator extend into many sanitary industries including food, dairy, beverage, and brewery. FDA approved EPDM and Viton seal materials are available.


  • 1 inch Tri-Clamp®
  • 2 inch Tri-Clamp®

The TrueClean Air Eliminator is useful anywhere a sanitary breather is needed to allow air to pass, but prevent product flow out of the system. When air is allowed to flow freely out of a system, product integrity can be maintained while equipment downstream is protected.

Working Principle

An internal Polypropylene ball floats when product enters the body and creates a seal preventing outward flow. An elastomer o-ring enhances the seal against product leakage.

Standard Design

The design of the TrueClean Air Eliminator is reflective of the considerations taken to create a fully functional product. All internal surfaces are sloped to ensure draining and promote cleanability. This Air Eliminator is designed in a way that facilitates a complete seal to prevent product from leaking. This design is made out of 316L stainless steel material with a high surface finish.

Body316L stainless steel
ElastomersBall: Polypropylene
O-ring and gasket: EPDM or Viton
Technical Data
Max Pressure145 psi
Max Temperature194º F
Ball MaterialPolypropylene
Ball Density0.033 lbs/in3

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