LAUFER Free Flow Shutter (Arc) Valve

Central States Industrial (CSI) offers LAUFER shutter valves as a hygienic alternative to full-port ball valves. The full-port nature of this valve minimizes pressure losses, maximizes gentle product handling, and is designed to pass a DMV product recovery projectile (pig). Like other shutter valves, the LAUFER shutter valve allows for flow of large particulates and highly viscous fluids, doing so easily, with minimal pressure loss. This valve is designed with few wear parts, all easily accessible and replaceable while a valve is installed in-line.

The LAUFER shutter valve is designed and fabricated with cleanliness in mind. It is EHEDG certified, as well as 3-A and FDA compliant.


  • 2-way
  • 3-way
  • 4-way
  • Pig diverter valve: 3-way

Available in the following sizes: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, and 6 inch


LAUFER valves are perfect for materials that are viscous and/or contain particulate. LAUFER valves are gentle on product, especially product with large, solid particles. Visual integrity and general product quality are maintained.

LAUFER valves are a sanitary alternative to other full-port valves, with the added benefit of being able to pig through. With a full-port design, LAUFER valves cause minimal pressure loss. Minimal pressure loss means that line pressures can be lowered, allowing for smaller pumps and added efficiency.

The valve is designed to keep product from accumulating in areas that cannot be cleaned. Unlike other full-port valves, LAUFER valves are proven to be completely free of residue after clean-in-place (CIP). The curved stem and shutter work together to ensure a tight and continuous seal, while causing no obstruction for the passing of a pig.


The valves have no dead pockets, are CIP/SIP-able, pig-able, and easy to maintain, with limited number of wearing parts. Standard designs are 2-way and 3-way versions.

Optional versions include 4-way and pig diverter. The pig diverter allows for the pig to be turned 90 degrees, diverting the pig to its appropriate catcher or allowing for multiple lines to be cleaned. It eliminates the need for multiple receiving and launching systems for pigging, saving time and system costs.



The shutter aligns with the open area of a port to create a tight seal. Complete coverage of the seal is provided by the rounded shutter, which has the ability to cover any open port. The shutter is held in place by a compressed stainless steel arc. The arc pushes against the shutter to create an airtight seal, and it also serves as the linkage that causes the shutter to rotate. The valve can rotate based on either manual or automated input.

Product Contact Areas316L stainless steel
Non-product Contact Areas304 stainless steel
O-ring SealsEPDM, FKM (Viton®), FEP, other grades upon request
ShutterDyneon TFM1600
Technical Data
Nominal Sizes 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, and 6 inch (1.5-4 inch for pig diverter valve)
Product Contact Surface Finish32 Ra minimum
Max Pressure Rating290 psi (pressure behind arc), 43.5 psi (pressure against arc)
Max Temperature Rating 230 deg. F (operating), 284 deg. F (short term)
Connection Types Tri-clamp, butt weld, DIN 11851 (others upon request)


3-Way Shutter ValveManual, Welded Ends
Valve Size


TypeØ d1Ø d2HhLL1
1.0025C53M210.871.00 5.71 1.97 4.33 6.30
1.5038C53M21 1.37 1.50 7.09 2.56 5.51 6.30
2.0051C53M21 1.87 2.00 7.48 2.76 6.46 7.48
2.5063C53M21 2.37 2.50 7.87 2.95 8.27 7.48
3.0076C53M21 2.87 3.00 8.46 3.15 8.66 7.48
4.00102C53M21 3.83 4.00 10.43 4.33 12.20 10.63
6.00152C53M 5.78 6.00 13.58 5.51 19.69 10.63


Vertical 3-Way Shutter ValvePneumatic (Air/Air - Air/Spring), Welded Ends
Valve Size


TypeØ d1 Ø d2 HhLL1
1.0025C52A21 0.87 1.00 11.811.97 4.33 3.50
1.5038C52A21 1.37 1.50 13.192.56 5.51 3.50
2.0051C52A21 1.87 2.00 13.392.76 6.46 4.09
2.5063C52A21 2.37 2.50 13.982.95 8.27 4.09
3.0076C52A21 2.87 3.00 16.613.15 8.66 5.08
4.00102C52A21 3.83 4.00 18.664.33 12.20 5.08


Horizontal 3-Way Shutter ValvePneumatic (Air/Air - Air/Spring), Welded Ends
Valve Size


TypeØ d1 Ø d2 HhLL1
0.871.99 11.301.975.316.34
1.37 1.99 12.602.566.506.34
1.872.5212.91 2.767.446.34
2.873.5814.573.15 9.658.23


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