This product is no longer offered by this manufacturer.

However, spare parts and service materials may still be available. Contact CSI for help with repairs, maintenance, or replacement.

Alfa Laval SPC-1/SPC-2 Regulating Valves

Alfa Laval's SPC-1 and SPC-2 regulating valves were designed to provide precision control of flow rate or pressure in process systems. The SPC Series is no longer manufactured by Alfa Laval. Central States Industrial (CSI) supports this legacy valve series with quality OEM spare parts and service kits that are still available from Alfa Laval.

The SPC-1 valve's tapered stem is positioned to the correct throttling position through the use of a pneumatic positioner, which uses instrument air as a signal. The SPC-1's design was originally based on the SMO-R valve from the SRC valve range, but was later redesigned as part of the modernized Unique valve series. The SPC-2 valve also functions as a regulating valve, but the valve is controlled by means of an electro-pneumatic positioner, using a 4-20 mA signal.

Looking to replace a SPC Series valve? Check out the 7710 or 7711 regulating valves from the Unique 7000 Series.


  • SPC-1
  • SPC-2
While these complete valves are no longer manufactured, parts lists and other documentation appear below.

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