This product is no longer offered by this manufacturer.

However, spare parts and service materials may still be available. Contact CSI for help with repairs, maintenance, or replacement.

Alfa Laval D60 Compression Valves

The D60 Series from Alfa Laval were manually adjusted compression valves. Alfa Laval no longer manufactures D60 compression valve or sample valves, but this legacy valve series is still supported by Central States Industrial (CSI). Valve spares and service kits for D60 valves are still available.

The D60 compression valves were available with an L-shaped body, or Y-body, both for shutoff operation. Both were available with either a metal or molded rubber seat. These simple, stainless steel sanitary valves were a precursor to modern seat valves. Controlled by turning a tee-shaped handle, the valves could be opened and closed gradually.

The D60 Relief Valve is still manufactured by Alfa Laval. See CSI's D60RTHMP Valve Page for more information.


  • D60TRMP T-Body, Molded Rubber Seat
  • D60TMP T-Body, Metal Seat
  • D60YRMP Y-Body, Molded Rubber Seat
  • D60TMMP Y-Body, Metal Seat
While these complete valves are no longer manufactured, parts lists and other documentation appear below.

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