Alfa Laval® CPMO-2 Constant Pressure Modulating Outlet Valve

The Alfa Laval CPMO-2 (Constant Pressure Modulating Outlet) is a sanitary constant pressure valve for use in stainless steel pipe systems. The CPMO-2 maintains a constant pressure in the process line at the outlet side of the valve.

A CPMO-2 valve is typically used before filling or bottling machines and in other applications where constant pressure must be maintained.

CPMO-2 is authorized to carry the 3-A symbol.


CPMO-2 is remotely controlled by means of compressed air. The valve operates without a transmitter in the product line and requires only a pressure regulating valve for the compressed air and a pressure gauge in the product line.

A diaphragm/valve plug system reacts immediately to any alteration of the product pressure and changes position so that the preset pressure is maintained. CPMO-2 closes at increasing product pressure and vice versa.


The CPMO-2 consists of a valve body with valve seat, cover, a valve plug with a diaphragm unit, and a clamp. The diaphragm unit consists of a stainless steel disc—which is divided into sectors—and flexible diaphragms that are placed on each side of the sectors. The cover and the valve body are clamped together. The valve body and the seat are welded together. The CPMO-2 meets 3-A standards.

Product Wetted Steel Parts 316L
Other Steel Parts 304
Lower Diaphragm PTFE covered EPDM rubber (standard)
Solid PTFE (optional)
Upper Diaphragm Nitrile (NBR) standard
PTFE covered EPDM rubber (optional)
Solid PTFE (optional)
O-ring Buna (standard)
Fluorinated rubber (FPM) covered EPDM rubber (optional)
Finish 32 Ra
Max Product Pressure 145 psi
Min Product Pressure 0 psi
Max Product Viscosity 500 cps
Temperature Range 14 – 203°F
Temperature Range with PTFE/EPDM Upper Diaphragm 14 – 286°F (higher on request)
Air pressure 0 – 116 psi
Air connections R ¼ inch (BSP), internal thread

Pressure Drop/Capacity Diamgrams



Cv 27 Cv 11 Cv 2/18
A1 (in) 9.40 7.96 7.96
A2 (in) 10.44 8.80 8.80
C (in) - - -
OD (in) 2.31 2.31 2.31
ID (in) 2.16 2.16 2.16
t (in) 0.073 0.073 0.073
E (in) 4.05 2.23 2.23
F (in) 0.83 0.83 0.83
G (in) 5.01 5.01 5.01
H (in) 9.24 9.24 9.24
Tri-Clamp (in) 0.96 0.96 0.96
Seat Diameter (in) 1.91 1.41 1.41
Weight (lb) 13.99 13.99 13.99


  • Plug size (Cv 23, Cv 8, Cv 10, or Cv 2/18)
  • Diaphragm type if not standard
  • Connections if not welding ends
  • Optional equipment if needed
  • Male parts or clamp liners in accordance with required standard
  • Pressure gauge 0 – 87 psi, 1½ inch
  • Pressure gauge 0 – 145 psi, 1½ inch
  • Air pressure regulating valve kit, 0 – 116 psi
  • Air throttling valve for adjustment of regulating speed for the CPM-2 valve
  • Booster for product pressure (product pressure = 1.8 x air pressure) exceeding the available air pressure
  • 3-A Sanitary Standard labelling on request

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