TrueClean® ToteCleaner™

The TrueClean® ToteCleanerTM offers quick and effective cleaning for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) or totes, commonly seen in modern production plants. The system is compact and mobile, making it easily transportable anywhere within a facility. With few parts and intuitive controls, the TrueClean ToteCleaner is simple to install and operate.

Currently, the TrueClean ToteCleaner is the only tote cleaning system on the market designed to be hygienic, making it the perfect fit for food, dairy, and beverage applications. The unique design allows for recirculation washes similar to larger, more complicated clean-in-place (CIP) systems.

Three TrueClean spray devices are available: S40, CP2, JM100


The TrueClean ToteCleaner is designed to remove a variety of product residues from IBC totes, with the capability to remove thick or dried-on residues. Unlike similar systems, the recirculation wash allows easy removal of oily residues using caustic chemicals. This system is designed to clean 275 and 330 gallon IBC totes with two inch NPT top connections and two inch Camlock bottom outlets.

The TrueClean ToteCleaner is designed to be fully hygienic, making it ideal for plants and facilities where sanitary equipment is essential. The TrueClean ToteCleaner has a variety of uses; it can be used to clean totes prior to shipment, to remove hazardous waste materials, and/or to prepare totes for sale.


The TrueClean ToteCleaner consists of all the necessary components for designed operation and installation. Included in this system is the cart, spray assembly, and all necessary miscellaneous items. From the components, to the fittings, to the materials, this system is built to the same level of hygienic design routinely expected in food, dairy, and beverage industries.


Pump, valves, and hard-piping product contact areas are made entirely of 316L stainless steel. Non-product contact areas are made of 304 stainless steel. The hose material is FDA and 3-A approved chlorobutyl, with 316L stainless steel ends. All other elastomer material, including seals and gaskets, is made of EPDM.


The TrueClean ToteCleaner draws from an open water source, pumping the fluid at high pressure to a spray device mounted within the IBC tote. This spray device creates a powerful spray, impinging the tote walls to remove product residue. The dislodged residue then flows from the tote to drain. Similar to common CIP practices, a caustic wash can be ran by opening the recirculation valve on the cart. After the caustic wash is complete, a final rinse can be ran by closing the recirculation valve and opening the valve to drain.

The upright control panel is designed to be intuitive and ergonomic. On the panel you will find Start/Stop, Timer and E-stop buttons. The digital timer shuts the pump off upon completion.

Technical Data
Dimensions46 x 16 x 50 inches
ElectricalRated for 208, 240, and 480V three phase
PressureMax 85 psi
FlowMax 20 gpm
Maximum Temperature200 ̊F