Mouvex S Series Pumps

The S Series eccentric disc pump from Mouvex is your solution for products that have to meet rigorous sanitary standards. Featuring superior suction and drainability, the pump is ideal for clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilization-in-place (SIP) applications. S Series pumps can also be cleaned by hand, thanks to their quick and easy opening.

Designed without mechanical seals, packing, or magnetic drive, Mouvex S Series pumps eliminate leakage. The transmission mechanism is protected by a tasteless, high-resistance elastomer sleeve that meets FDA requirements. The S Series also complies with 3-A sanitary standards.


  • S2
  • S4C
  • S6C
  • S6CH
Basic Design

Designed without mechanical seals, packing or magnetic drive, the S-Series pumps eliminate leakage.

The transmission mechanism is protected by a tasteless, high-resistance elastomer sleeve meeting FDA requirements. Due to its small size and low weight, the S-series pumps are ideal for “baseframe" mountings. The S-series pumps are designed for cleaning-in-place (CIP) or sterilization-in-place (SIP).

Low Shearing

Shear-sensitive products are safe when pumped with the S Series pumps thanks to permanent product renewal in the pump body and the slow movement of the disc. The pump has several factors that make it so effective with sensitive products:

  • Disc displacement in the cylinder
  • Disc has an eccentric motion (driven by an eccentric shaft)
  • Each point of the disc has the same linear speed
  • Mouvex technology allows a flow rate with low linear speed
  • Very accurate volume metering, enabling precise dosing and mixing for viscous or fluid products
  • High-speed priming and self-priming
  • Capability to run dry
  • Capability to clear the pipes (inlet and outlet)
  • Self-priming with strong suction power
  • Dry run capability
  • Pumps low and high viscosity products
  • Ability to drain pipes (inlet and outlet)
  • Outstanding volumetric efficiency
  • Pumped product constantly renewed
  • Output not affected by viscosity variation
  • Maintains delivery/pressure performances over time
  • Self-adjusting for mechanical wear

During the “cleaning in place” (CIP) phase, the S Series pump must be running at low speed (variable speed pump) or be shut down (fixed speed pump) or possibly be running in discontinuous cycles.

The centrifugal pump delivering the cleaning solution must be installed in-line (CIP pump delivery supplying the S pump intake).

Body 316L stainless steel
Cylinder 316L stainless steel
O-rings Fluorocarbon (standard), EPDM
Technical Data
Pump Model
Cubic Capacity




S21.7738SMS1145 (standard), DIN 11851, ringed end fitted (for hose)
S4C6.651.8SMS1145 (standard), DIN 11851, ringed end fitted (for hose)
S6C22.5137SMS1145 (standard), DIN 11851, ringed end fitted (for hose)
S6CHP12.57137SMS1145 (standard), DIN 11851, ringed end fitted (for hose)
Operational Limits
Pump ModelMin TemperatureMax TemperatureMax Viscosity


Max Differential Pressure


Max Inlet Pressure


Max Speed


Max Solid Particle Size


Max Soft Particle


Max Flow Rate at 1 cSt



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