Mouvex C Series Pumps

The Mouvex C Series eccentric disc pump is a self-priming volumetric positive displacement (PD) pump that utilizes its strong suction power and ability to run dry to gently—yet effectively—move product. The pump features a seal-free design, which helps lead to more uptime and longer production runs.

The C Series stainless steel models are ideal for sanitary applications. These pumps carry 3-A approval certification and are designed to meet EHEDG specifications.


  • C12
  • C4-HT
  • C18
  • C8-HT
  • C24
  • C12-HT
  • C36
  • C18-HT
Seal-Free Design

A seal-free pump means leak-free pump. Designed without mechanical seals, packing, or magnets, the C series eccentric disc pump eliminates leakage and reduces maintenance time.

CIP & SIP Abilities

The stainless steel version is designed to be flushed and cleaned in place (CIP) without disassembling. The high temperature (HT) version of the pump is designed to withstand continuous exposure to temperatures up to 302°F.

Low Shearing
  • Disc has an eccentric motion (driven by an eccentric shaft)
  • Each point of the disc has the same linear speed
  • Mouvex technology allows a flow rate with low linear speed
  • Self-priming with strong suction power
  • Dry run capability
  • Maintenance of the delivery/pressure performance over time due to automatic disc/cylinder adjustment
  • Pumps low and high viscosity products
  • Low linear speed
  • Outstanding volumetric efficiency
  • Pumped product constantly renewed
  • Output not affected by viscosity variation
Body 316L stainless steel
Bellows Assembly 316L stainless steel, 316 Ti stainless steel
Cylinder 316L stainless steel
O-rings Fluorocarbon (standard), PTFE Encapsulated
Technical Data
Pump ModelCubic Capacity


Inlet Chamber Volume


Outlet Chamber Volume




C4iHT6.5989.725.02121DN 50 ISO PN16 flanges*
C8iHT6.5989.725.02128DN 50 ISO PN16 flanges*
C12i25.08360256256DN 65 ISO PN16 flanges*
C12iHT25.08360256263DN 65 ISO PN16 flanges*
C18i37.71360256269DN 65 ISO PN16 flanges*
C18iHT37.71360256278DN 65 ISO PN16 flanges*
C24i57.73671427408DN 80 ISO PN16 flanges*
C36i86.65671427441DN 80 ISO PN16 flanges*
Operational Limits
Pump ModelMin TemperatureMax TemperatureMax Viscosity


Max Differential Pressure


Max Inlet Pressure


Max Speed


Max Solid Particle Size


Max Soft Particle


Max Flow Rate at 1 cSt


C18i5ºFProcess: 212ºF
Washing, rinsing, sterilization: 250ºF
C24i5ºFProcess: 212ºF
Washing, rinsing, sterilization: 250ºF
C36i5ºFProcess: 212ºF
Washing, rinsing, sterilization: 250ºF

Spare Parts

C Series C4A C8A C4AHT C8AHT Spare Parts
PartC4AC8AC4AHTC8AHTDiagram Key
Plugs & Breather311411.00311441.00314455.00314455.008
Bearing Gaskets & Screws315271.00315271.00315271.00315271.009
Inlet Manifold PN16 PN20311356.01311356.01311356.01311356.01100
Jacketed Inlet manifold PN16 PN20311360.01311360.01311360.01311360.01100
Set of Screws311508.00311995.00311509.00311995.00119
Jacketed Set of Screws311509.00311915.00311509.00311915.00119
Set Cylinder, Piston313393.00313395.00313393.00313395.00200
Piston Nut216257218572216257218572304
Set of CVT O-Ring Seals311897.04311897.04311897.04311897.04206
Set of CVT O-Ring Seals, Jacketed Version311898.04311898.04311897.04311898.04206
Set of FKM O-Ring Seals311358.04311358.04311358.04311358.04206
Jacketed Set of FKM O-Ring Seals311361.04311361.04311361.04311361.04206
Front Cover216354216354216354216354401
Complete Transmission, Standard Spring312306.03312306.03N/AN/A596
Complete Transmission, Strong Spring313961.00313961.00N/AN/A596
Complete Transmission w/ Container, Standard Spring, Jacketed VersionN/AN/A312297.03312297.03596
Complete Transmission w/ Container, Strong Spring, Jacketed VersionN/AN/A314581.00314581.00596
Complete Transmission w/o Container, Standard Spring, Jacketed VersionN/AN/A314024.00314024.00596A
Complete Transmission w/o Container, Strong Spring, Jacketed VersionN/AN/A314583.00314583.00596A
Bearing Oil ResivoirN/AN/AN/A312296.00710
Bypass, CVT, C8


Bypass, FKM, C8313134.03N/A313134.03N/A820
Bypass, CVT, C3.5313136.03313136.03313136.03313136.03820
Bypass, FKM, C2.5313131.03313131.03313131.03313131.03820
Bypass, FKM, C3.5313132.03313132.03313132.03313132.03820
Bypass, CVT, C2.5313135.03313135.03313135.03313135.03820
Bypass, CVT, C5N/A313137.03N/A313137.03820
Bypass, CVT, C5N/A313133.03N/A313133.03820
Set of Bypass Seals CVT313173.04313173.04313173.04313173.04896
Set of Bypass Seal FKM313172.04313172.04313172.04313172.04896

Mouvex C Series C4A, C8A, C4AHT, & C8AHT Parts List

C Series C12A & C18A Spare Parts
PartC12 AC18 ADiagram Key
Plugs & Breather314259.01314259.018
Bearing Gaskets, Ring Set312855.01312855.019
Inlet Manifold PN16 PN20311512.01311512.01100

Jacketed Inlet Manifold Flange PN16 PN20

Set of Screws311757.00311757.00119
Jacketed Set of Screws311758.00311758.00119
Set Cylinder, Piston312872.01312873.01200
Piston Nut218053218397304
Set of CVT O-Ring Seals311895.02311895.02206
Set of CVT O-Ring Seals, Jacketed Version311896.02311896.02206
Set of FKM O-Ring Seals311517.02311517.02206
Set of FKM O-Ring Seals, Jacketed Version311518.02311518.02206
Front Cover218142218142401
Complete Transmission w/o Bellows Monitoring System, Jacket313848.01313848.01596
Complete Transmission w/ Atex Pressure Switch Bellows Monitoring System, Jacket313791.02313791.02596
Complete Transmission w/ Pressure Switch Bellows Monitoring System, Jacket313671.02313671.02596
Bypass, CVT, C2.5313144.01313144.01820
Bypass, CVT, C5.5N/A313145.01820
Bypass, CVT, C6.5313146.01N/A820
Bypass, CVT, C8313147.01N/A820
Bypass, FKM, C2.5313139.01313139.01820
Bypass, FKM, C5.5N/A313140.01820
Bypass, FKM, C6.5313141.01N/A820
Bypass, FKM, C8313142.01N/A820
Set of Bypass Seals, CVT313175.02313175.02896
Set of Bypass Seals, FKM313174.02313174.02896

Mouvex C Series C12A & C18A Parts list

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