Food-Grade Stainless Steel Tubing

CSI offers sanitary tubing that exceeds ASTM A270 S2 and 3-A specifications. It is manufactured from the finest quality stainless steel materials.

CSI offers industry-leading welded sanitary tubing along with technical expertise and unmatched service before and after the sale. We stock all standard sanitary tubing sizes ½ – 8 inch OD (12.7 – 203.2 millimeter OD) in 20-foot (6.1-meter) lengths.

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Tubing exceeds ASTM A270 S2 and 3-A specifications.


CSI's sanitary food-grade tubing ships in standard tubing sizes ranging from 1/2 inch to 8 inches in diameter. The product-contact (ID) surface finish is 20 μ-in Ra (0.5 μm), with an outer diameter (OD) of 30 μ-in Ra (0.8 μm) maximum. Surface finishes are measured per ASME/ANSI B46.1, with the profilometer reading at 90 degrees to the major polishing pattern.

Mechanical Tests

To ensure the highest surface quality, our sanitary tubing goes beyond the requirements of ASTM A269 and A270 by performing the full battery of ASTM bend and deformation tests required by ASME SA249. The tests, combined with specific raw material requirements, Eddy Current testing at the tube mill, 100% borescoping prior to mechanical polish, and tighter OD and wall tolerances, allows for a more consistent, superior quality product.


Tubing is hydrogen bright annealed in line to 1900°F (1040°C) minimum and rapidly quenched.

Surface Finish

Surface finish is 20 μ-in Ra (0.5 μm) ID maximum, 30 μ-in Ra (0.8 μm) OD maximum surface roughness measured per ASME/ANSI B46.1 with the profilometer reading at 90 degrees to major polishing pattern. All tubing is printed with size, gauge, alloy, ASTM and ASME specifications, heat number, and date of manufacturing for full traceability.


As a final step in maintaining purity standards, A270 S2 tubing is packaged using protective 2 mil poly sleeving along with airtight plastic end caps.

Chemical Composition
Element304 (wt%)316L (wt%)
Carbon (max)0.0350.035
Manganese (max)2.002.00
Phosphorus (max)0.0400.040
Sulfur (max)0.0300.030**
Silicon (max)0.750.75
Nickel8.0 – 13.010.0 – 15.0
Chromium18.0 – 20.016.0 – 18.0
MolybdenumN/A2.0 – 3.0
Dimensional Tolerances
Size ODNominal Wall ThicknessOutside Diameter ToleranceLength ToleranceWall Thickness Tolerance
½12.70.0651.65+/-0.005+/-0.13+⅛, -0+3.18, -0+/-10.0%
¾19.10.0651.65+/-0.005+/-0.13+⅛, -0+3.18, -0+/-10.0%
125.40.0651.65+/-0.005+/-0.13+⅛, -0+3.18, -0+/-10.0%
38.10.0651.65+/-0.008+/-0.20+⅛, -0+3.18, -0+/-10.0%
250.80.0651.65+/-0.008+/-0.20+⅛, -0+3.18, -0+/-10.0%
63.50.0651.65+/-0.010+/-0.25+⅛, -0+3.18, -0+/-10.0%
376.20.0651.65+/-0.010+/-0.25+⅛, -0+3.18, -0+/-10.0%
4101.60.0832.11+/-0.015+/-0.38+⅛, -0+3.18, -0+/-10.0%
6152.40.1092.77+/-0.030+/-0.76+1, -0+25.4, -0+/-10.0%
+1, -0+25.4, -0+/-10.0%

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