Hastelloy® C-22® Tubing

CSI stocks Hastelloy C-22 tubing in sizes from 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) to 3 inches (76.2 mm). Whether you're looking for C-22 tubing, in stock C-22 fittings, or custom-made equipment in C-22 and other materials, we have you covered.

The C-22 tubing CSI carries goes through a rigid inspection process meeting ASTM B626 and ASTM B622, ASME SB622, and SB626. It is recognized by ASME BPE and is acceptable for pharmaceutical applications. UNS N06022 is widely accepted in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, personal and home care, food, beverage, and diary processes.


C-22 welded tubing is in compliance with specification ASTM B626 and ASME SB626.

Seamless tubing is in compliance with specification ASTM B622 and ASME SB622.


Diameter: 1/2" (12.7 mm) - 3" (101.6 mm)

Tubing Lengths

Tubing is provided in random lengths, 20 ft. ± 1.0 in. is typical (not less than 17 ft. lengths).

Packaging & Marking

Tubing is marked with a full line stencil on the tubing OD for traceability.

Tubing is plastic sleeved and capped on polished and electropolished tubing.

Certification & Documentation

MTR (Material Test Report) according with EN10204, 3.1 ships with every order.

Surface Finish Options
BPE Surface Finish CodeCSI Surface Finish CodeProduct Contact Surface

(Max Ra)*

Product Contact Surface Finish Treatment (ID)Non-Product Contact Surface

(Max Ra)

Non-Product Contact Surface Finish Treatment (OD)Dimensions & Tolerances (BPE) or (CSI)
SF1PL20 µ-inch (0.51 µm)Mechanical Polish/As Drawn32 µ-inch (0.81 µm)Mechanical PolishBPE
SF5PO20 µ-inch (0.51 µm)Electropolished32 µ-inch (0.81 µm)Mechanical PolishBPE
SF6P2525 µ-inch (0.64 µm)Electropolished32 µ-inch (0.81 µm)Mechanical PolishBPE
N/APUMill FinishUnpolished/MillMill FinishUnpolished/MillCSI

C-22 Surface Finish Designations

Seamless Tubing
C-22 Material Part #

(PL finish)

C-22 Material Part #

(PO finish)

Size OD
Wall Thickness
TC22-0.5X.065-S-PLTC22-0.5X.065-S-PO½ (12.7 mm)0.065 (1.651 mm)
TC22-0.75X.065-S-PLTC22-0.75X.065-S-PO¾ (19.05 mm)0.065 (1.651 mm)
TC22-1.0X.065-S-PLTC22-1.0X.065-S-PO1 (25.4 mm)0.065 (1.651 mm)
Welded Tubing
C-22 Material Part #

(PL finish)

C-22 Material Part #

(PO finish)

Size OD
Wall Thickness
TC22-0.5X.065-W-PLTC22-0.5X.065-W-PO½ (12.7 mm)0.065 (1.651 mm)
TC22-0.75X.065-W-PLTC22-0.75X.065-W-PO¾ (19.05 mm)0.065 (1.651 mm)
TC22-1.0X.065-W-PLTC22-1.0X.065-W-PO1 (25.4 mm)0.065 (1.651 mm)
TC22-1.5X.065-W-PLTC22-1.5X.065-W-PO1½ (38.1 mm)0.065 (1.651 mm)
TC22-2.0X.065-W-PLTC22-2.0X.065-W-PO2 (50.8 mm)0.065 (1.651 mm)
TC22-3.0X.065-W-PLTC22-3.0X.065-W-PO3 (76.2 mm)0.065 (1.651 mm)

To discuss your application or if you have questions about C-22 tubing, give us a call at 800.654.5635 or 417.831.1411.

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