AL-6XN® Alloy Tubing

CSI is your stop for hygienic tubing in exotic alloys. AL-6XN® tube is specially designed for the applications that require greater corrosion resistance beyond 316L, but where nickel alloys aren't indicated. CSI's AL-6XN tubing is ideal for hygienic applications like high-acid foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and biotech products where corrosion is a concern.

CSI stocks AL-6XN tubing in sizes from 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) through 4 inch (101.6 mm). We'd love to discuss your application with you. Give us a call today to learn more about AL-6XN tubing and fittings.

In addition to AL-6XN tubing and fittings, CSI is ready to supply valves, pumps, and more in a variety of materials.


CSI's sanitary AL-6XN tubing all meets the dimensional criteria and mechanical properties of the current ASTM A270, ASME SA 249, and ASME SB 676 specifications.

Packaging & Marking

All of CSI's AL-6XN tubing is marked with a full line stencil on the tube OD for traceability. Due to marking, finish, and/or acceptance criteria listed as obtainable on AL-6XN, tubing will not be marked ASME- BPE.

Full lengths of polished AL-6XN tubing is also packaged in plastic sleeves and capped with plastic caps to maintain cleanliness.

Tubing Lengths

AL-6XN tubing is provided in random lengths. A full length of tube is no less than 17 feet overall. Lengths of 20 feet plus or minus one inch are typical.

Certification & Documentation

All AL-6XN tubing from CSI complies with EN10204, 3.1. The material test report (MTR) will be provided with the tubing.

Surface Finish

CSI's standard offering includes surface finish of 32 µ-inch (0.8µm) Ra mechanical polish. Electropolished surface finishes are available on request.

Surface Finish Options
Finish CodeProduct Contact Surface

(Max Ra)*

Product Contact Surface Finish Treatment


Non-Product Contact Surface

(Max Ra)

Non-Product Contact
Surface Finish Treatment


-P732 µ-inch
(0.8 µm)
Mechanical Polish/As drawn32 µ-inch
(0.8 µm)
Mechanical Polish/As drawn
-P2525 µ-inch
(0.6 µm)
Electropolished**32 µ-inch
(0.8 µm)
Mechanical Polish/As drawn

*32 µ-inch Max Ra is an approximate value and is not guaranteed. Surface finish roughness shall be physically examined for “P25” using a profilometer calibrated to standards traceable to NIST. Surface finish roughness shall NOT be subject to physical examination for “P7” or “7”.

**The interior surfaces shall be mechanically polished or as drawn to a 25 Ra µ-inch (0.8 µm) maximum finish for sizes ½ – 4 inch diameter. The electropolishing process may increase the Ra values post electropolishing and have areas of preferential etching (e.g. frosting, shadowing, etc.). Final Ra values for electropolished tubing and fitting shall not be used as criteria of acceptance for this product.

Technical Data
AL-6XN Material Part Number

(–P7 Finish)

Nominal Size


Wall ThicknessFinish ID/OD


T6XN-0.5X.065-W-P7½" (12.7 mm)0.065" (1.651 mm)32 µ-inch (0.8µm)
T6XN-0.75X.065-W-P7¾" (19.05 mm)0.065" (1.651 mm)32 µ-inch (0.8µm)
T6XN-1.0X.065-W-P71" (25.4 mm)0.065" (1.651 mm)32 µ-inch (0.8µm)
T6XN-1.5X.065-W-P71½" (38.1 mm)0.065" (1.651 mm)32 µ-inch (0.8µm)
T6XN-2.0X.065-W-P72" (50.8 mm)0.065" (1.651 mm)32 µ-inch (0.8µm)
T6XN-2.5X.065-W-P72½" (63.5 mm)0.065" (1.651 mm)32 µ-inch (0.8µm)
T6XN-3.0X.065-W-P73" (76.2 mm)0.065" (1.651 mm)32 µ-inch (0.8µm)
T6XN-4.0X.083-W-P74" (101.6 mm)0.083" (2.1082 mm)32 µ-inch (0.8µm)

Electropolished surface finishes are available on request.

For questions concerning AL-6XN tubing, contact CSI at 800.654.5635 or 417.831.1411.

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