Ampco SBI Shear Pump Blender

Central States Industrial (CSI) offers the SBI Shear Pump Blender from Ampco, which moves product with considerable capacity and pressure capabilities. This outstanding pumping action is achieved through a hybrid design of a fine-tuned impeller paired with two rows of rectangular shear teeth. The performance of this pump is surprising and removes the need for a feed pump and shear blender setup in certain applications.


  • SBI-V520
  • SBI-V530
  • SBI-V540
  • SBI-V550

The SBI shear pump can be used with ingredients such as stabilizers, thickeners, gums, sugars, and other additives.


This shear pump provides a solution to the typical question, "Will this shear blender provide enough pumping to move my product?" For typical shear blenders, this answer is a resounding "no." However with the SBI unit, a specially designed impeller that includes two rows of shear teeth provides pumping capacity of up to 400 gpm and 225 FT TDH for several applications—eliminating the need for an upstream supply feed pump.

Casing, Cover & Impeller316L
Stub Shaft316L
Technical Data
Fitting Sizes1½ – 6 inch sanitary ferrule
Motors1 – 10 hp in 1800 rpm
1 – 100 hp in 3600 rpm

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