Alfa Laval AL Series Agitator

AL Series agitators from Alfa Laval offer mixing solutions to meet many requirements in food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and cosmetic applications. AL agitators can be sized for several applications for both atmospheric and pressurized tanks and can be configured for use in sterile/aseptic applications.

There are four configurations available to best suit your application needs: Top mount (ALT), top mount with bottom support (ALTB), bottom mount (ALB), and side mount (ALS). To ensure the best possible device for your specifications, each application is evaluated carefully. This allows proper sizing, optimized power consumption, and the lowest possible pricing for each agitator.


  • ALT
  • ALTB
  • ALS
  • ALB

The Alfa Laval range of propeller agitators is designed to meet almost every customer requirement. Due to their modular build, the agitators can be designed for numerous applications within the sanitary industry. The modular construction is designed with the aim to meet both European and American standards and regulations, such as EHEDG, USDA, FDA, 3-A, and more.

The top mount ALT agitators are characterized by their free-hanging build. The top mounted, bottom steady ALTB agitator offers the same solutions as the ALT but with higher flexibility in mechanical design. Depending on the size of the agitator, a bottom support may result in a more economical configuration. The Alfa Laval bottom support comes in a sanitary design, allowing easy clean-in place (CIP).

Steel Parts316L (standard), 304, 904L, or SAF 2205
Seal Parts (O-rings or Bellows)EPDM, FPM/FEP (only for sanitary o-rings), or FPM
Mechanical Seal Parts
Carbon, carbon (FDA), silicon carbide

AL Series agitators are used in milk storage tanks and mixed product tanks to maintain homogeneous media. They are also applicable for dissolving, mixing, and solutions, like in fluid-and-fluid mixing (i.e. yogurt mix tanks, fruit mix tanks, flavored milk mix tanks, and syrup mix tanks).

Other applications include:

  • Solid dispersion - Powder-and-fluid mix tanks, etc.
  • Suspension - Fluids with particles, juice tanks, etc.
  • Heat transmission - Circulation of media in tanks with dimple jacket (cooling or heating)

AL series agitators are designed to be fully configurable. The configuration can be divided into the following elements:

  • Drives (drive, shaft support, and shaft diameter)
  • Seal arrangements (oil trap and shaft seal type)
  • Shaft (length)
  • Energy saving foils (propeller type and surface finish)

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