Alfa Laval Toftejorg - SaniMidget Retractor

Static spray balls can't always deliver the needed cleaning efficiency required. When more efficiency is required, upgrade to Toftejorg rotary spray head technology. Installation is simple; unclip the static spray ball and replace it with a new clip-on rotary spray head. As the spray head rotates, its fans produce a variable falling film, which has higher heat and mass transfer coefficients than the falling film produced by the static spray ball. This enables the optimization of cleaning procedures and significant savings on water, chemicals, and energy.

To achieve the best cleaning results, Toftejorg rotary spray heads use a spray pattern to ensure the dynamic and effective distribution of rinse water to the inner tank surfaces. The impact from the rotating fans and improved mass and heat transfer provide efficient residue removal after production. Self-draining and self-cleaning, inside and out, all Toftejorg rotary spray head devices comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


The Toftejorg SaniMidget retractor is installed in places where fully automated and validated cleaning can assure higher productivity, due to less cleaning time in spray drying applications within the food, ingredients, and pharmaceutical industries. Larger ducts, channels, cyclones, chambers, complexed reactors, and vent lines can be cleaned to the highest standards, with no manual or semi-automated interference, avoiding any product carryover or hazardous incidents.

Standard Design

The Toftejorg SaniMidget retractor is available in three stroke lengths: 100 mm, 150 mm, and 250 mm, in either pneumatic-driven or media-driven versions.

Technical Data
LubricantWith cleaning mediaSelf-lubricating
Wetting RadiusMax.11.5 ft
Impact Cleaning RadiusMax. effective5.5 ft
Air QualityClean, filtered max.Max. 0.0016 in
Dry, dew point max.Max. 50°F
Pressure: Air/Spring and Air/AirWorking pressure15 - 72 psi
Recommended pressure43 psi
Air supply pressure29 - 72 psi
Pressure: Media/SpringWorking pressure36 - 72 psi
Recommended pressure43 psi
CertificatesAvailable upon request 2.2 or 3.1 material certificate or ATEX

Please contact Central States Industrial (CSI) at 800.654.5635 for installation of the tank cleaning machine.


The Toftejorg SaniMidget retractor is available with two styles of retracting mechanisms:

  1. Pneumatic driven, which uses air pressure to extend and retract the cleaning head.
  2. Media driven, which uses the pressure of the cleaning media to extend the cleaning head and an integrated spring to retract it.

The rotary spray head creates a fan of fluid in a swirling pattern. The distribution pattern of the cleaner head generates a vibrating impact as well as cascading flow coverage of all internal surfaces of the tank.

Physical Data
MaterialsProduct area316L (UNS S31603), PEEK*
Non-product area304 (UNS S30400), POM
Surface finishProduct contact surfaces32 Ra
Non-product contact parts64 Ra
TemperatureMax. working temperature203°F
Max. ambient temperature302°F

* FDA compliance 21CFR§177

Options - Materials

A. Hastelloy C22 product contact part only

B. Alternative sealing component material, FPM*, FFKM*

C. Positioning sensors, which generate digital signals at the fully retracted or fully extended positions

D. 3.1. certificate for metallic parts available upon request

* FDA compliance 21CFR§177

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