Take your Process Recording off the Charts!

Introducing the Paperless Process Recorder!

We've got an industry first to tell you about — process monitoring is going digital! 

If industry regulations — like PMO — require your process to be continuously monitored, you’re likely utilizing paper chart recorders. 

Processors tell us the problem with these styles of recorders is: 

  • The recorder runs out of ink
  • The recorder doesn’t print clearly because the pen arm skips
  • The charts can get wet or damaged, making them hard to read
  • The charts are often misplaced

Take your process recording off the charts (literally) with the new paperless process recorder (PPR) and Legendary™ cloud software from Anderson-Negele. These completely digital recorders create audit-ready records that meet both your internal and PMO requirements. 


  • Avoid recurring costs from charts, pens, motors, etc.
  • Streamline workflows on premise and remote to review, annotate, and approve chart data
  • Secure storage and access of all historical records for authorized users
  • For cold storage, CIP, COP, pasteurization, raw silo monitoring, general process recording & monitoring, and more!