Steve Campbell, Inside and Outside Sales Representative

Lead In Photo Es Steve Campbell

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK—Steve Campbell has been in sales his whole life. His extensive experience imparted a number of lessons onto Steve. He said, “I learned to give people more reasons to say yes than no. The company I worked for promoted self-improvement; made you more aware of your surroundings and people you were surrounded with.” He said he sought to be close to people who were better than him in some way because it kept him striving for greatness.

Steve Campbell worked at Crouch for 21 years, before joining CSI. In 1995, he began working in Crouch’s warehouse in Oklahoma City, OK, where his job was to “get everything shipped to who it needed to go to, as quick as it could be there, and in as small in a package as you could.” Two years later he began managing the warehouse in Fort Worth, TX, before transitioning to Inside Sales in 2000. Ten years later, he moved back to Oklahoma to conduct sales there.

Oklahoma City was short an Outside Sales employee; so in order to keep his local customers, Steve handled the responsibilities of both positions: Inside and Outside Sales. By going out and taking on a variety of tasks, Steve said he was able to gain a deeper understanding of equipment and its function in everyday use.

When asked how his transition to CSI was going, he responded, “The friendliness just blows me away. Whenever you hear of a corporation, you hear it being, ‘This is your job,’ and then the guy at the top making all the decisions can only be reached after you go through thirty-three people. But Mark’s door is swung wide open for anybody to walk in and visit with. That’s very surprising and exciting at the same time,” he said, referring to the CEO.

Steve doesn’t only bring excitement and style to sales; he brings it to the holiday season as well. “I love Christmas, so a lot of my hobbies have to do with Christmas,” he said. He creates wooden, painted yard ornaments for friends and family. Last year, his most requested ornaments were the Grinch, his dog Sam, and a wacky Whoville tree to match.

Steve’s love for Christmas began as a child. He said, “We grew up very poor, and Christmas is the time of giving.” He said that growing up, his ability to give was limited, so now that’s he older, he finds a special joy in it. When he hears that people are having a hard time, he is able to help. “You may go buy a sack of groceries, put it on the front porch, and run like crazy so they don’t see you,” he said.

The most important things in Steve’s life include his faith, his wife Gayla, whom he has been married to for 35 years, and their three children and five grandchildren. He is passionate about church and family; he cooks and grills for his wife daily and preaches at Rose Assembly, in Oklahoma, every Wednesday.

A parting piece of advice from Steve: “Live your life and let your light shine however it will.”


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