FAT Area Provides Exceptional Testing for Customers

Lead In Photo Fat Area

One of the most exciting additions at Central State Industrial (CSI) is the state-of-the-art factory acceptance testing (FAT) area. “This addition was really a necessity for us if we were going to grow as a company,” said Process Equipment Engineer, Eric Buchanan.

FAT provides customers the opportunity to functionally test a piece of equipment before it leaves CSI’s fabrication shop, a chance to better understand how the equipment will operate, and a chance to discuss questions and modifications.

“This isn’t just an after thought for us. We built it, from the ground up, to be outstanding.”
Eric Buchanan, Process Equipment Engineer

Designed to be among the best in the industry, CSI’s FAT area is a showpiece for customers: ample electrical power, clean steam, hot and cold water, clean air, and more utilities are piped into a 200-square-foot control room with an additional 750 square foot testing area. This thoroughly designed space gives CSI the ability to test skid systems, clean-in-place (CIP) systems, and custom fabrications.

In addition to the FAT area, customers are welcomed into Jim’s Garage, a special conference room named after CSI’s founder Jim Cook. This spacious room is specifically designated for FAT, and it is equipped with white boards and wireless internet access. It features plenty of space to analyze drawings.

CSI’s testing area is designed with the customer in mind, providing a custom-tailored testing environment for each new project.

“[The FAT area] isn’t just an afterthought for us,” said Eric. “We built it, from the ground up, to be outstanding.”

For your future project’s FAT requirements, contact CSI at 800.654.5635.


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