CSI Expands Pipetite® Product Portfolio with New Sleeve ReBoot®

Springfield, MO – November 22, 2019 – Central States Industrial Equipment (CSI) is pleased to announce the expansion of their Pipetite® product line with the release of the Sleeve ReBoot® — the one-and-done solution for sealing existing tube-in-tube transitions for processing facilities, clean rooms, or other sanitary environments.

The split design of the Sleeve ReBoot allows it to wrap around existing piping of different sizes and seal them closed. Unlike common pipe escutcheons, wall plates, and flanges that require frequent repairs and maintenance, the Sleeve ReBoot provides a flexible, sanitary seal that allows for pipeline movement without the need for caulk or sealant.

“Unsealed holes from tube-in-tube transitions expose hygienic environments to potential contamination issues,” said Matthew McColgin, Director of Business Development. “Pipetite Sleeve ReBoot will keep processing plants and other facilities alike safe, secure, and clean — with the added benefit of no ongoing maintenance or headaches that come with typical sealants.”

Features of Pipetite Sleeve ReBoot include:

  • Easily trimmed to fit any diameter of pipe or tube up to 4"
  • Constructed of hygienic white silicone that is FDA compliant and compatible with cleaning solutions
  • Totally self-sealing with no additional sealants or caulks required
  • Flexible seal allows for movement without causing damage to the seal

Pipetite Sleeve ReBoot is available today at csidesigns.com/sleeve-reboot

ABOUT PIPETITE®: Pipetite is the leading flexible, self-sealing sanitary seal that eliminates the headache that comes with escutcheons and metal wall plates. The airtight seal keeps water, bus, direct mold, and dust out while allowing for pipeline movement. It is an effective solution to seal pipe, tube, or other structural equipment through concrete walls, outside piping, ceiling and wall holes, and other openings. For more information, visit csidesigns.com/pipetite.

ABOUT CSI: Central States Industrial Equipment (CSI) is a preferred source for hygienic pipe, valves, fittings, pumps, heat exchangers, and MRO supplies for industrial processors. With four distribution facilities across the US, CSI provides fast and reliable fulfillment for industrial parts and equipment needs. CSI also provides detail design and execution for hygienic process systems in the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and personal care industries. Specializing in process piping, system startups, and cleaning systems, CSI leverages technology, intellectual property, and industry expertise to deliver solutions to processing problems. More information can be found at www.csidesigns.com.

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Melissa Pitfield