Process Piping System Redesign

Lead In Photo Process P Iping System Redesign

High Capacity Ice Cream Production

An ice cream plant was under pressure from corporate to simplify the process in one of their ice cream filling lines while maintaining the same functionality and output to which they were accustomed. The facility was understaffed in engineering services and approached Central States Industrial (CSI) to help redesign this system.

When CSI was contacted, the ice cream line in question was relatively new but had been designed in a way that was overly-complex in the number of mixproof and single seat valves, making the system difficult to operate and clean. CSI reviewed the overall process, talked with the major stakeholders for the line, and developed a plan to remove unnecessary valves and re-route piping to provide a more streamlined process.

The end result was a process that provided 99% yield and a very low waste/reject number. This exceeded the other lines in the same process by over 8%. The customer's engineers and production personnel were very pleased with the results and even issued a statement to CSI complimenting a job well done.

We’ve been setting records on Space Saver 3. High output, low standard deviation, low line waste, and negative giveaway numbers. Nice job.
Manufacturing Excellence Manager