Modular Installation Saves Downtime and Increases Consistency

Unilever Modular Leadin

Central States Industrial (CSI) installed a system for the customer in the traditional field installation method. All the equipment and tanks were delivered to the job site and installed, along with process piping, during a system shutdown. When the customer came back and asked CSI to perform a similar installation, they needed it completed in a very short window of time. CSI decided to convert the system to a module or skid. This would allow the system to be standardized and installed in a much shorter period of time.

The project was a great success. The customer was able to shorten their construction window a great deal and realized they could capitalize the system as a single piece of equipment, easily relocate it if necessary, and recreate the process in multiple locations, without worry of process inconsistencies due to variation in the installation or construction.

Within a year of installation, the business decided that this process was better suited in another location across the country. Having the system as a module also greatly reduced the time and complexity of moving the process and recommissioning it.