6% Molybdenum Alloy in a High Purity Application

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A global biotechnology company, was experiencing failures with 316L and 1.4435 stainless steel when subjected to their aggressive buffer concentrates. In working with Central States Industrial (CSI) and our third party consultants, they were able to create a specification and test procedures to qualify a different, more resistant, metal alloy. CSI then developed the processes needed to deliver this alloy in the chemical composition, metallurgical structure, and surface finish required.

The result was a commercially available alloy that the biotech could economically source for their process piping that would remain at a consistent hygienic level through years of use.

CSI worked closely with the biotech company, architect, and engineers on the detail design of several mixproof valve manifolds, transfer panels, and utility panels. CSI also supported the valve suppliers with raw material and material joining guidance. Once the design was agreed to, the project was released to CSI's fabrication department. The process piping contractor also utilized CSI for tube and fittings needed for the process equipment's interconnecting piping.

Clear and concise communication with all parties involved (owner, A&E, CM, vendors, and mechanical contractor) enabled the successful project execution of a system the owner can rely on for years to come.


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