TrueClean ToteCleaner Effortlessly Cleans IBC Totes

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The TrueClean ToteCleaner is the industry’s first fully sanitary cleaning system dedicated to providing consistent, quick sanitation of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC totes). IBC totes are often used for bulk storage of ingredients or chemicals. Sorting in bulk makes it easier to transport large quantities of material. The ToteCleaner uses powerful technology to clean totes for reuse.

The ToteCleaner is a tool that can be used to help recoup the initial cost of a tote as quickly as possible. Its economical design saves resources, like water and chemicals, and its efficient cleaning power allows totes to be reused or recycled quickly, allowing the user to save costs for a positive return on investment (ROI).

Totes typically have very small openings in the top and bottom walls, which makes cleaning manually with a high-pressure spray gun or brush very time-consuming. In contrast, the ToteCleaner’s sanitary centrifugal pump supplies pressure to powerfully impinge product residue. Several different kinds of spray devices fit with the ToteCleaner, so thicker, more viscous products, like peanut butter, can be cleaned completely and easily. It is effective enough to remove thick, sticky, or dried-on residues.

To help conserve resources, the operator is able to choose between a recirculation wash and a rinse wash directly to drain. Recirculation washes allow for intelligent chemical and water use. This feature helps combat soils, like oily residue, by recycling chemical until the tote is clean, instead of flushing expensive chemical down the drain. Recirculation is also important when cleaning hazardous materials because the optimum amount of rinse-water is used, minimizing the total volume of costly waste that must be disposed of. After a wash has been chosen and time has been entered, the ToteCleaner runs until the duration is complete and shuts the pump off automatically. This feature frees plant personnel time and helps eliminate human error. It also helps conserve resources, because the ToteCleaner only runs as long as it needs to.

The ToteCleaner is the only hygienic system of its kind currently on the market. The system’s compact design allows factory space to be utilized economically, and its mobility allows the system to be moved to the location of the tote. Installation requires only one person and takes minutes to complete. Training is simple, and operation is low-maintenance. The ToteCleaner saves time, increases cleanliness, decreases costs, and improves safety.

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