The Problem with Escutcheons

In a sanitary processing facility, it is crucial to ensure that the environment is safe, secure, and clean. Without the right tools, closing gaps that occur where pipes penetrate through walls and floors becomes a difficult and costly problem. Unwanted openings expose a facility to dust and dirt, providing a breeding ground for bacteria and pests.

In contrast, Pipetite® withstands most conditions and lasts almost indefinitely.

Pipetite is a self-sealing product commonly used in clean rooms and food, dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutical facilities to hygienically seal pipe penetrations. Pipetite provides a long-term sanitary seal to keep rooms isolated from the outside environment. The flexible, airtight seal accommodates process pipe movement and the sleek silicone design absorbs vibrations.

Pipetite is made from 316 stainless steel and FDA certified high-grade silicone. Pipetite is compatible with a wide range of temperatures—up to 500 °F—and is able to withstand harsh conditions without breaking, fracturing, melting, or morphing. Pipetite utilizes wall anchors and patented “lip seals,” instead of caulking, to maintain a watertight seal between the wall surface and the pipe.

This durable product was specifically created as a long-term solution to the challenges of clean room environments.

Pipetite is securely attached to the pipe and the wall.