Pipetite® ReBoot Now Available in Size 7

Central States Industrial (CSI) is excited to announce the addition of ReBoot Size 7 to the Pipetite® ReBoot line. Size 7 fills the gap between sizes 5 and 9, fitting tubing and pipe with an outer diameter from just under five inches to more than ten and a half inches. Additionally, Size 7 is molded so that it can be used as a standard boot by sliding it over the end of newly installed piping. If you choose not to split the boot to install it, the ladder-like "staple" is not needed.

“Over the years we have seen a major sanitation problem with wall and ceiling penetrations in processing plants.”
Mark Cook, CEO of Central States Industrial

Pipetite ReBoot Size 7 is a welcome addition to the Pipetite family, which has become a staple in food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, and other hygienic processing. Pipetite was created to solve a big problem for hygienic processors. “Over the years we have seen a major sanitation problem with wall and ceiling penetrations in processing plants,” says CSI President Mark Cook. “Thermal expansion and water hammer in the piping can break the seal between the plate and wall and cause the wall plates to slide down the pipe. The resulting exposed hole in the wall can lead to bacteria build up, which results in a failed audit.” With the addition of Size 7, you can now create a sanitary seal over wall and ceiling penetrations in an even larger range of sizes.

Pipetite Reboot Dimensional Diagram
SizeTube OD






# of Anchors


Item #
20.00 – 2.504.173.584PTR2-000
30.00 – 3.745.795.046PTR3-000
42.76 – 5.317.366.616PTR4-000
53.94 – 7.099.338.3910PTR5-000
74.92 – 10.8313.2812.2514PTR7-000
96.50 – 15.0019.3118.3920PTR9-000

Bolt holes are 0.177 inches in diameter.
Sizes 2 and 3 are full cones. Sizes 4 through 9 are not available as full cones.

For more information about Pipetite products and the new ReBoot Size 7, give CSI a call at 800.654.5635.


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