An Economical Solution for Mobile Clean-In-Place

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Clean-in-place (CIP) is a method of cleaning sanitary process lines, vessels, and equipment commonly used in process plants. The process of CIP involves passing a cleaning fluid across a surface at high velocity to remove product soils.

Since manual cleaning is neither consistent nor repeatable, human error and neglect are introduced into the process. Automated CIP washes alleviate human error by relying on a computer to perform a set of instructions and measure results the same way every time. CSI set out to create a truly automated CIP system at a price point that budget-conscious customers could afford.

After over a year in development, CSI released Compact CIP as the most affordable, fully automated CIP skid on the market. Compact CIP automates the process of cleaning so that plants can have faster cleaning times, shorter downtime, higher repeatability, lower utility usage, and the ability to track and record cleaning parameters. This mobile system is designed to serve the needs of processors in the sanitary industry and is built to the same level of hygienic design required for food and beverage industries.

“We are able to provide an automated CIP solution that, not only are we proud of, but we are also able to bring it to a market that previously couldn’t afford a full-scale CIP system,” said Trent Bullock, CSI Process Engineer.

Combined with a small footprint, large caster wheels make it easy to move the system, and this mobility gives the user flexibility in deciding location and purpose. Compact CIP allows small facilities to utilize this advanced technology to optimize their cleaning process, while larger facilities are able to use the system to complement their centralized skid. These customers are also able to reduce their installation costs, chemical use, and footprint.

Due to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), facilities of all sizes are being pushed to have access to data tracking and recording. Compact CIP offers a CSV data file of all critical parameters to prove the validity of the cleaning process. Robust instruments ensure accurate measurement of temperature, flow, level, conductivity, and pressure.

As a Rockwell Automation® Equipment Builder Partner, CSI chose to equip Compact CIP with Allen-Bradley® products, including a seven-inch touchscreen Human Machine Interface (HMI). With a touch of a button, the system will run the selected wash automatically, until each configured parameter is met and the wash is complete. These washes can be monitored, alarms can be viewed, and cycle trends displayed, all from the HMI. This information is organized intuitively for quick operator training, configuration, and operation.

Before shipping, each skid goes through a factory acceptance test to ensure the system is working as expected. The test also provides the customer an opportunity to demo equipment, ask questions, and request modifications. CSI experts work closely with customers to find the right match for any application, facility, or process.

Expert Bios

Trent Bullock, Manager – Engineering Services

Trent Bullock is deeply knowledgeable about liquid process systems, manufacturing, controls, and automation. At CSI, he is responsible for designing sanitary process and control systems for food, dairy, and beverage industries. He is focused on providing support and technical expertise to both internal and external customers. His background is in Mechanical Engineering, and he graduated from UMR University Missouri Rolla, currently known as Missouri University of Science and Technology. Trent said he is not afraid to challenge conventions and is always looking for the best, most efficient way to achieve any goal.

Kyle Thompson, Business Development Leader - St. Louis

Kyle Thompson graduated from Missouri University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Before joining CSI in 2015, he worked in the manufacturing industry, where he focused on identifying and implementing process improvements and lean manufacturing strategies. As a Process Engineer at CSI, Kyle focuses on FDA compliant fluid processing systems. He has extensive expertise with automation, pasteurization, sanitization and clean-in-place, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, and sanitary process equipment.


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