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Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC totes) are used for storing and dispensing product or chemical. However, without the proper tools, productivity is low, operations stop, and waste occurs. There are three main problems that take place:

  1. Product pools at the bottom, leaving it to be washed or thrown out.
  2. Workers tilt totes manually, creating unsafe working conditions.
  3. Product stops flowing while totes are changed out.

These problems add up to a process that is slow, ineffective, and costly. Central States Industrial (CSI) decided to solve these problems and engineered solutions to optimize the use of totes. The TrueClean ToteTilter™ creates a safe environment to get every last drop of product, while the TrueClean ToteStand™ is an effective means for simple or automated processes. Tote reservoirs ensure that product is constantly flowing, so that operation never has to stop. The information below highlights the benefit of each solution in detail.

TrueClean ToteTilter

The TrueClean ToteTilter™ minimizes the amount of product or chemicals that are washed out or thrown away. A foot pedal or hand valve allows the user to be a safe distance away from the unit while retrieving the product so that workers aren’t tempted to manually tilt the tote. The ToteTilter ensures product keeps flowing and completely empties the tote, readying it to be cleaned and reused. The ToteTilter can be integrated with the ToteStand for optimum product recovery.

TrueClean ToteStand

Many facilities use the TrueClean ToteStand™ to aid in mixing and batching different ingredients into their systems. Depending on requirements, different equipment such as valves and pumps, flow meters, and level switches can be integrated with the system. Automated valves and a control package can be used to create a standalone system.

With regular hand valves, ingredients have to be measured manually, but the ToteStand can be programmed to automate metering and ingredient dosing. The termination panel is tied into the plant service and controls the the pump and motor. The complete control package has programming included so that the system operates independently.

Tote Reservoirs

Reservoirs are included with the ToteStand and are a key way to maximize productivity. They store product so that once a tote is empty, there is plenty of time to change out the tote without stopping the continuous flow of product.

The way it works is simple: Product flows from the tote into reservoir. Utilizing an inline level switch, the system can be connected to the main facility’s system—usually a programmable logic controller (PLC) or local indicator— to track the amount of fluid left. Once the product gets below a certain level, the system will alarm to signal to the operator that the tote needs to be changed. While the operator changes the empty tote, product from the reservoir continues to flow. This ensures that production is never slowed, increasing both productivity and saving costs.


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