How Long Should Sanitary Hose Last?

Hose Lead In
The longitivtiy of sanitary hose is dependent on a series of environmental and application variables.
Ensure that the proper hose is used for the application. To accomplish this, use the acronym, "STAMPED."
  • Size (inside diameter of the hose)
  • Temperature (both for product transfer and cleaning)
  • Application (what and how the hose will be used)
  • Media (product being transferred)
  • Pressure (both for cleaning and product transfer)
  • End Connections (type, style, and material)
  • Delivery (special packaging requirements)

Here are a few suggestions that will help increase the life cycle of sanitary hoses and help protect that investment in the future:

  1. Conduct a hose audit, which is an in-depth audit and inventory of all hoses. Each hose will be checked for application, suitability, current condition, and longevity.
  2. Develop and implement a tracking system by serializing all hoses; this will point out problem areas in a facility.
  3. Offer training on proper handling of the hose and proper ways to connect the hose.

Complying with the above suggestions will provide a traceable baseline for suitability, life cycle trending, longevity, and regulatory support documentation for sanitary hose assemblies.