New Coupling Guard Increases Worker Safety

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Coupling guards are an essential, but often overlooked, piece of equipment created to keep the user from harm. A typical coupling guard is mounted to the frame of a pump, which can cause it to be ill-fitting. This is problematic for sanitary processing facilities because the result is an unsafe, non-functional guard that may leave the coupling exposed, increasing the risk of an accident. These guards meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, but often don’t deliver top results, especially in regards to safety.

The motor and pump shafts are joined together by the coupling. Inside the coupling guard, the shafts are rotating at an average speed of 350 - 400 rpm. If anybody accidentally touches the coupling while it’s rotating, they could be seriously injured. The importance of coupling guards cannot be overstated. User safety should be at the forefront of design.

Central States Industrial (CSI) recognized the issues that common coupling guards posed and designed an original style for CSI to use. CSI’s model uses the motor feet dimension to locate the guard. The coupling guard is mounted to brackets on the motor. CSI’s coupling guard does not depend on the frame, like typical coupling guards, and instead depends on the motor, which does not move or shift.

The result is a solution that does not provide access to the coupling, increasing user safety monumentally. CSI provides sturdy, well-crafted coupling guards that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are effective.

Michael David, Manager - Pump Technology

Michael David earned his engineering degree at Missouri University of Science and Technology, where the rigorous coursework taught both the theoretical background and the real-world applications of his education. Michael said he enjoys utilizing abstract, technically-minded thinking to arrive at a sensible solution.


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