Reducers for Pharmaceutical and Biotech

Central States Industrial (CSI) keeps an extensive stock of ASME-BPE compliant fittings for a short order turnaround.

All pharma and biotech fittings comply with the current version of ASME-BPE standards and are available in four finishes. PC and PL finishes have a contact surface finish of 20 microinch Ra, while PD and PM finishes are electropolished with a contact surface finish of 15 microinch Ra. All BPE items are individually capped and bagged in clear 6 mil. poly bags. Each item is labeled with a bar code, product information, and manufacturing date.

The reducers have cylindrical welding ends and are available for all tube combinations, ensuring that you will always get the right diameter and wall thickness for your process.

Reducers are available that meet the requirements of either the 2014 ASME-BPE revision or the 2012 revision. Call CSI for additional reducers for biopharmaceutical applications. For applications that require 3-A sanitary standards, CSI stocks Reducers for Food, Dairy, & Beverage. We also offer AL-6XN® Alloy Reducers and Hastelloy® C-22® Reducers for more corrosion resistance.

These items are manufactured in compliance with the current revision of the ASME-BPE Standards.

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For reducers that meet 3-A sanitary standards, visit Reducers for Food, Dairy, & Beverage. Need a more corrosion-resistant reducer? Check out the AL-6XN Alloy Reducers and Hastelloy C-22 Reducers pages for additional material options.

Still don't see what you need? Call CSI for configurations not listed or for custom fabrications.

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