Alfa Laval Magnetic Mixer UltraPure

Alfa Laval magnetic mixers represent a breakthrough in mixing technology. The unique levitating impeller design allows the mixer to operate under dry conditions which minimizes product loss and positively impacts process economy.

In biotech and pharmaceutical applications, where product is particularly valuable, these positive impacts can pay back the initial cost of investment—including the mixer, installation, testing, and revalidation—in just a matter of weeks.


  • MM 338-4
  • MM 338-6
  • MM 434-8
  • MM 434-10

Alfa Laval magnetic mixers offer effective mixing for applications with high demands on hygienic and aseptic design.

Working Principle

The patented levitating bearing makes the mixer fully drainable and able to run dry. The performance ranges from low shear mixing at around 10 rpm to high intensity mixing with vortex at up to 250 rpm. Depending on the mixer task, the range covers from 30 – 10,000 liters of nominal batch size.

Standard Design

The Alfa Laval MM UltraPure mixer consists of a weld plate and a mixer unit, including gear drive. The weld plate is ordered and delivered separately to enable early preparation of the mixer installation. The mixer must be controlled by a variable frequency drive (VFD) unit matched perfectly with the mixer. The VFD is pre-programmed for optimum performance. Any brand of locally sourced VFD may be used under observation of the mixer manual.

Impeller and Weld Plate316L
Drive Rotor and Distance Piece316L
Motor and GearboxANSI/NSF 51 compliant paint
Male BearingZirconia YTZP
Male Bearing GasketISOLAST 9501 (perfluroelastomer)
Female BearingSilicone carbide
Gearbox OilUSDA-H1
Technical Data
PolishProduct wetted surface finishRa < 0.5 µm (20 µinch) mechanical polish
OptionRa < 0.5 µm (20 µinch) and electropolished
PressureWorking pressure-15 – 100 psig
Temperature RangeProduct mixing (10 – 250 rpm)194ºF max
CIP (max 50 rpm)203ºF max
SIP (0 rpm)302ºF max
WeightMM 33827 lb
MM 43466 lb
Voltage and FrequencyAC motors3x230/460 V, 60 Hz
AC VFD240/120 V, 48-62 Hz
Protection ClassAC motorsIP66
AC VFD stand aloneIP66
AC VFD enclosure unitIP20 Nema 4X
Motor SizesMM 338-4/60.5 hp
MM434-8/101.5 hp
Dimensional Data


















MM 338-443.503.542.57.9910.552.454.073.66
MM 338-663.503.542.57.9910.552.454.073.66
MM 434-884.635.873.510.8313.303.805.573.81
MM 434-10107.215.873.510.8313.303.805.573.81

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