Pipetite Grommet Achieves UL IP64 Rating

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Pipetite® Grommet brings a higher level of protection to penetrations where air and electrical lines enter a cabinet or control panel. These small, yet effective, flexible silicone escutcheons now boast an IP64 rating, also known as a UL rating.

When dust and moisture get in the wrong places, it can cause production downtime and safety concerns. Pipetite Grommet is dust-proof and splash-proof from all directions, which helps prevent moisture and particles from negatively impacting internal components.

Its dust-proof characteristics help keep cabinets and control panels safe from external contaminants. For example, many cleanroom environments maintain a positive air pressure. This air pressure could force dust and dirt into cabinet penetrations if left exposed. However, Pipetite Grommet’s dust-proof seal secures these enclosures, protecting the delicate components within.

Pipetite Grommet’s splash resistance has applications in the food, dairy, and beverage industry. During scheduled washdowns of a process area, cable and hose penetrations are especially susceptible to water leakage, so Pipetite Grommet prevents water from leaking into cabinets or enclosures. It keeps interiors dry and maintains the integrity of electrical structures inside the boxes.

Installation is quick and easy. No caulk or sealant is necessary, as Pipetite is self-sealing. The flexible silicone is highly durable, resulting in little-to-no maintenance costs.

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