Yogini Dhopade, Product Manager - Alloys

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SPRINGFIELD, MO—Yogini Dhopade has three degrees, speaks four languages, and has traveled to ten different countries across the world. She has an unmatchable passion for metals and spends her time at Central States Industrial (CSI) managing everything related to corrosion-resistant alloys.

In 2006, she received her Bachelor in Technology in Metallurgy and Material Technology Engineering at JNTU Hyderabad, a leading engineering university in India. The next year, she moved to the United States of America to further pursue her career in metallurgy. She attended Missouri State University and gained two degrees: a Masters in Material Science in 2009 and a MBA in Marketing in 2010. She began working at CSI in 2011.

As Product Manager for Alloys, Yogini oversees all aspects of Hastelloy® C-22® and AL-6XN® alloy product lines, also known as high corrosion-resistant alloys, used in extremely corrosive conditions, where 316 stainless steel cannot be used. Yogini works to balance the technical and commercial aspects of customer needs. She also manages the supply chains for the alloys, performs market forecasting, and works closely with vendor, market, and customer specifications. Her collaborations with the quality team help her understand any non-acceptance criteria, allowing her to achieve the best possible product. “We work as a team, so I try not to let anyone down,” she said.

While Yogini has achieved much in her six years at CSI, she still sets ambitious goals for the future. One of her ongoing objectives is to provide a larger market reach, so the alloy expertise she curates is accessible to a wide-range of people.
“My vision is for CSI to be the source for corrosion-resistant alloys,” she said.

Yogini’s hunger for metallurgy isn’t confined to the office. In her free time, she creates unique vegetarian dishes. “I love to mix and match, just like a metallurgist would do, but instead of mixing all the elements to create an alloy, I take what I have and make something delicious,” she said.

Yogini said she feels valued and has made many connections during her time at CSI. “I was an outsider. I am from a different culture, country, but I never felt that at CSI. These are people who make me feel at home. They’re like a small family,” she said.